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Work Order Overall Flow

Overall Workflow Figma Prototype

Business Benefits

A charting of the added functionality and features that each side of the business would gain from a converged workflow.


This helped to describe and showcase the substantial business benefit gained from UX efforts in this project to our leaders and stakeholders.

Convergence Benefits
User Engagement and Work Order Life Cycles

Legacy Dell

Legacy EMC


Sample Workflow Comparison

An example of steps each user would have to take to preform the same function in both legacy systems vs in the converged system. The converged workflow not only accommodates both legacy requirements but simplifies the workflow for both sets of user groups. The example below is for a Work Order with Parts and Labor added and a Next Business Day service entitlement level.

Work Order Creation Page


When Dell and EMC merged there was a push to get both sides of the business' Tech Support Agents to work off of the same CRM platform. Developing an interface that could not only accommodate both business' processes but also simplify and converge them was quite a challenge. From a technical architecture perspective, Work Orders are where the CRM and numerous downstream applications and databases meet, adding to a lot of complexity behind the scenes as well.

  • One converged UX for both EMC and Dell Work Orders

  • Provide information and functionality to allow for a variety of exception scenarios

  • Simultaneously do not display unnecessary information or functionality

  • Seamlessly blend any custom components with the out-of-the-box UI (the high priority and specialization of this product allowed for customization, unlike the rest of the Salesforce project)


I was the sole Designer for the initial phase of this project. I worked closely with the business to understand the current processes for each side and shadowed/interviewed 60+ users globally from both sides of the business. During the prototyping phase, I conducted one on one (in-person and remote) usability tests as well as demos in group settings for end user feedback. 

I found that this project put me in a prime position to facilitate conversations with both sides of the business as a neutral party. There were often long standing processes on both sides that contradicted each-other and became road blocks; by advocating for the users as a whole and proposing compromises, often with visuals, the project its way back onto the tracks and moved forward.

Work Order Post-Submission Page
Work Order Post-Submission Page
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